Rent and privatisation of the Château and the park for your weddings, seminaries, garden-parties, company’s brain storming, film shootings.

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The Chateau was at the origin (end of XVI century) the hunting lodge belonging to the Prince of LEON, who was a ROHAN. During the IVRY battle (March 1590) HENRY IV has been wounded. Just shortly before that he cried out: “ Join my white panache, it will always lead you on the way of honour! ”. Returning, exhausted, suffering from his wounds, he made a stop in Breuil where he was given first aid during few days.

In XVII century, an additional wing was added to the hunting lodge. From 1622 to 1642, the Cardinal of RICHELIEU destroyed (without passing by king Louis “ the just ” thirteenth of name) hundreds of Castles in order to weaken the revolt of the “Great ” and therefore strengthen the royal authority. The Breuil, small at the time, was saved. In the beginning of the XVIII century it acquired yet another addition by extending the central wing which ended by the rotunda of ballroom. During a recent works of restoration, behind one of the ballroom trumeaux the year of 1729 was brought to our notice. In XIX century (between 1829 and 1895) the fourth, last and final wing of the Chateau has been built, joining the ancient hunting lodge to the farm. The chapel is found in that wing.

The ROHAN-CHABOT where often spending winter holidays with their friends, as the house was well heated. They were arriving from Faubourg Saint Germain in a line of five or six pantheons, generally at night. The court was well lighted by the lanterns and all the rooms were nicely illuminated. So that they found themselves a party of twenty around the table (dinner at 7 PM).

There was a lot of talk about fox hunting, social life, little of politic (so as not to shock anyone), industrial progress, latest invention: car, universal exposition (1900) and also of the “ Voyage ” (by the school of GRIGNON , NEAUPHLE LE CHATEAU , la Bardelle). The ROHAN-CHABOT were giving sumptuous feasts in the Chateau and organising fox hunting in the RAMBOUILLET forest that was arriving up to Breuil at the time. Their heraldic devise was: “ King I couldn’t, Prince I wouldn’t, ROHAN I am”. From 1930, the family of Pierre SAUBERAN acquired the Breuil. Family life tainted with certain puritanism, social aid before the letter by Madame Pierre SAUBERAN (Officer of the Legion of Honour for her perpetual care of the “children of others”, wounded soldiers, handicapped…). In 1967 Gilles SARAZIN (industrialist) and his wife, grand-niece of Madame Pierre SAUBERAN, descendent of HENRY IV and Gabrielle D’ESTREE by the women, took their courage by both hands to take the Breuil abandoned since twenty years. It was the beginning of the important restoration works, achieved today.

In 1984, their son Eric takes the charge and particularly open the doors of the 18 th century wing for wedding parties, film turning and incentives.

In 2021, the following generation - Alexandre, Eric’s son - oversees.